Photo: De-transitioner, Chloe Cole, testifies to the California state assembly.

17-Year-Old De-Transitioner Testifies Against Proposed California Bill To Promote Transexual Surgery, Says “Really Didn’t Understand…Medical Decisions I Was Making”

De-transitioners are sounding the alarm about how transgender ideology is promoting dangerous life-altering medical surgeries for children and teenagers with often irreversible consequences.

One de-transitioner, Chloe Cole, testified to the California state assembly about her medical transition at the age of 13, saying “Children cannot consent” and she “really didn’t understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making, and that “was downplayed consistently.”

On 28 June 2022, the California state assembly held a hearing on Senator Scott Wiener’s proposed legislation, SB 107, called the Trans Refuge Bill, which would allow parents from other states to bring their children to California to obtain transexual surgeries. The bill calls it “gender-affirming health care”.

Chloe Cole told the California state assembly:

My parents took me to a therapist who affirmed my male identity, and the therapist did not care about causality or encourage me to learn to be comfortable with my body. He brushed off my parents’ concerns about the efficacy of hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries.

My parents were given the threat of suicide as a reason to move me forward in my transition. My endocrinologist, after two or three appointments, put me on puberty blockers and injectable testosterone.

At age 15, I asked to remove my breasts. My therapist continued to affirm me in my transition. I attended a top surgery class that was filled with around twelve girls that thought they were men, most were my age or younger.

None of us were going to be men. We were fleeing from the uncomfortable feeling of becoming women.

I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully. Our trans identities were not questioned. I went through with surgery. Despite having therapists and attending the top surgery class, I really didn’t understand all the ramifications of any of the medical decisions I was making. I wasn’t capable of understanding and it was downplayed consistently.

My parents, on the other hand, were pressured to continue my so-called ‘gender journey’ with suicide threat.

I will never be able to breastfeed a child. I have blood clots in my urine. I am unable to fully empty my bladder. I do not yet know if I am capable of carrying a child to full term. In fact, even the doctors who put me on puberty blockers and testosterone do not know.

Children cannot consent.

Attorney Erin Friday, a member of the organization Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT), also testified against SB107. She warned that the proposed bill would harm minors and violate parental rights:

“SB107 will make it possible for parents/minors to avoid even the most minimal of safeguards in place for life-altering medical procedures for children. Parents and third parties can avoid any scrutiny about what they are subjecting a child to.  Simple and necessary guardrails can be avoided if the child can reach California, with or without parents or their consent. Age limitations, parental consent requirements, psychological status, diagnostic requirements, etc. can all be circumvented provided that child sets foot in California.  California courts must take jurisdiction over any child who arrives in California for any type of so-called gender affirming care.   

SB107 violates the Full Faith and Credit, Article 4 of the US Constitution.  SB107 will dismantle the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.   It violates parental rights under the holding of  Troxel v. Granville (2000) 530 U.S 57 (parents have a fundamental right under the Fourteenth Amendment to oversee the care, custody and control of a child.) 

No one, inclusive of parents, has the right to consent to the sterilization of a minor. Minors, regardless of how seemingly insistent or persistent they are, do not have the psychological acumen, developmental maturity or capacity to fully understand to what they are agreeing. Part of adolescence is to try on different identities, with consolidation only occurring on average at age 25. The number of those who regret gender treatments continues to climb, and will surely continue in that direction as obtaining gender interventions now requires only a simple request.  Reddit/Detrans has grown by 60 new members a day for the last two months. Membership is now at almost 35,000, a doubling in a year.”

“Most alarming is that this bill only requires that the child – not the child and parents – be present in California for the purpose of obtaining gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care. This, of course, will open a flood of children, regardless of their parents’ or guardians’ approval, entering the state.”

“SB107 will entice minors whose parents will not consent to treatments to run away to California. This is tantamount to California holding that any parent that refuses to capitulate to their child’s desired gender treatments as abusive.”

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