German Protestant Church publishes, then quietly withdraws, shock report about link between COVID-19 vaccine and “turbo” cancers 

On 21 September, the German Protestant Church published a shock report about a possible link between mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines and the sudden increase in  “turbo” cancers:

The Munich-based immunologist Peter Schleicher is currently treating 1,000 patients in his medical practice. Around 30 of them have “turbo cancer”, as he says. This means that “the cancer grows incredibly quickly,” Schleicher told the Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd). He has never before had so many “turbo cancer patients” at the same time, he added.

According to Schleicher, all 30 patients were diagnosed with cancer within three months of their last coronavirus vaccination. He has long suspected that mRNA vaccines can impair the immune system, so that diseased cells in the body can no longer be effectively combated: “In my view, this explains why the tumours grow at lightning speed.”

Within just one week of publication, however, the report was quietly withdrawn and replaced with a disclaimer stating: 

“Here, there was previously a text about coronavirus vaccinations and alleged possible links to cancer illnesses. It was an agency text which came directly from the agency and which had not been edited [by us]. The editors had already distanced themselves from the text and the repeatedly-used term ‘turbo cancer’, which has gained notoriety from its use by so-called ‘Querdenker‘.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the original report can be accessed here

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