Photo: Alice Weidel in the Bundestag on 1 June 2022.

Alice Weidel (AfD): Germany In A Fundamental Economic, Financial And National Crisis

In her speech in the Bundestag on 1 June 2022, Alice Weidel, co-leader of the AfD parliamentary group, said Germany is facing a fundamental economic and national crisis due to the policies of the government coalition.

“Germany is stuck in a fundamental economic, financial and national crisis that surpasses everything that has gone before.”, she said.

She criticized the coalition for its misguided priorities on climate change and multiculturalism, which was diverting money from the real needs of the country.

“The government coalition presumes to save the world, to regulate the energy supply for an industrialized country on its own and to regulate the climate in 50 or 100 years; but one’s country and its people will be ruined. You talk about “a turning point”, but you don’t act accordingly. You encapsulate yourself in your ideological fantasies of climate protection, energy transition, multiculturalism, diversity and refuse to look at reality.”, she said.

“And yet you spend the money with plenty. They distribute it all over the world: climate billions for India here, arms billions for Ukraine there. They inflate the state apparatus still further; They create new government posts and generously authorize more posts in the ministries and administrations.”

“For their own citizens and taxpayers, on the other hand, only consolation and token politics remain. Germans pay some of the highest taxes and duties in the western world. They get miserable pensions and an increasingly dysfunctional state, a state that is less and less able to perform its core tasks – maintaining the rule of law and public order, guaranteeing internal and external security – but which interferes ever more brazenly and encroachingly in the private life of its citizens, patronizes them and digs deeper and deeper into their pockets.”

Alice Weidel

She said the fundamental crisis facing Germany was not accidental but the result of political decisions.

“The crisis our country is going through didn’t come out of the blue; it is politically made. Inflation, energy shortages, skyrocketing energy prices, disrupted supply chains, a shortage of skilled workers and overburdened social security funds are the result of poor political decisions.”

Alice Weidel

She explained the reasons for the fundamental crisis facing Germany lies deeper than the war in Ukraine.

“And no, you cannot blame Putin’s war of aggression alone. The reasons lie deeper. The fatal wrong decisions were made earlier, and they fell mainly in Berlin and Brussels. Galloping inflation is the payoff for excessive debt and the money glut and Zero interest rate policy of the European Central Bank on the subsubsidizing the euro high-debt countries. 8 percent inflation means: Savings, reserves and pension entitlements are only worth half after six years. Real wages fall as a result of inflation. Almost 40 percent of Germans no longer know how to make a living. What did you actually say about that? What solutions did you offer?”

Regarding the recent measures of the coalition to alleviate Germany’s record inflation, Weidel said, “More bureaucratic redistribution is all this traffic light has to offer”, and that “Fuel discounts, 9-euro tickets, one-off grants or climate money are expensive bureaucratic flash in the pan that do no good and – I have to say it simply – are only intended to conceal your own incompetence.”

She said Germany’s energy sanctions on Russia is hurting Germany citizens who are having to bear higher energy prices as a result.

“And then there must be the realization that energy sanctions against Russia are counterproductive and cause more damage to our country than Russia, ladies and gentlemen. By voluntarily forgoing oil deliveries by land – you have to imagine that – you are endangering the fuel supply in eastern Germany and burdening the citizens with even higher energy prices.”

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