Photo: Chancellor Olaf Scholz during his World War 2 commemoration speech on 8 May 2022.

Arms Deliveries to Ukraine: Chancellor Scholz is Pretending To Be Stupid

What is Chancellor Scholz doing?

Why is he sending weapons to Ukraine?

I will give you an answer. Chancellor Scholz is pretending to be stupid. He knows perfectly well that the weapons Germany is giving to Ukraine will only intensify and prolong the war. He knows Ukraine cannot win that war, and somewhere down the road, a settlement will have to be reached with Russia. He knows the only quick and right way out of this war is and has always been negotiation and neutrality for Ukraine He knows all that very well thank you.

So, what is the real objective of sending weapons and money to Ukraine? To trap Russia in a proxy war of attrition to bleed her blood and treasure. In a nutshell, to debilitate Russia.

It is not Germany’s idea, it is the United States’. The US considers a prosperous Russia to be a threat to its global hegemony. In a report by the Pentagon-associated RAND research organization, entitled “overextending and unbalancing Russia”, and “Extending Russia: Competing From Advantageous Ground”, American analysts give away the essential American strategy regarding Russia, which has not changed since the end of the Cold War.

The report, “Extending Russia: Competing From Advantageous Ground” proposes six geopolitical “moves” to extend Russia, including, surprise, “providing lethal arms to Ukraine”. Relations with and military aid to Ukraine are discussed in the sole perspective of “extending Russia”, and not to help Ukraine as it is. The report suggests “The United States could also become more vocal in its support for NATO membership for Ukraine. (p. 98).

The objective of increasing “US security assistance” to Ukraine is explained in clear words:

“Expanding U.S. assistance to Ukraine, including lethal military assistance, would likely increase the costs to Russia, in both blood and treasure, of holding the Donbass region. More Russian aid to the separatists and an additional Russian troop presence would likely be required, leading to larger expenditures, equipment losses, and Rus- sian casualties. The latter could become quite controversial at home, as it did when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.” (p. 99)

When Chancellor Scholz says Germany must deliver weapons to Ukraine, and “we must not be paralyzed by fear”, he is following orders from America. And he is lying to the Germans about it.

Voices against arming Ukraine, such as Alice Schwarzer’s open letter, do not understand what is really going on, and what are the true goals of the war.

From the military viewpoint of ending the war rapidly, it makes no sense for Germany to deliver weapons to Ukraine. Were it not for the massive amounts of money and military aid flowing to Ukraine from the US, the UK, Germany and Canada, the country would have already lost the war and sued for a peaceful settlement.

But from the military viewpoint of prolonging a US proxy-war to “extend” and “unbalance” Russia, it makes perfect sense for Germany to send arms to Ukraine.

Scholz knows what he is doing. But he won’t tell you about it.

Marie Spiegel

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