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[BBC TV Series]: The Split


The Defoes, a family of female divorce lawyers, are forced to face their past following the return of their estranged father after a 30-year absence.


A very realistic depiction of complicated human relationships (8/10)

It’s human, real, with no frills. Doesn’t sweeten the pill and hits the nail on the head without turning into a soap. It’s about everyday real life and (family) relationships. I’m also partial towards Nicola Walker whom I’ve watched in pretty much everything she’s done – she’s just great. Rest of the cast really good too. Would recommend.

Captivating, strong and thoroughly enjoyable (10/10)

I’ve loved every single episode of this show. The casting is second to none and Nicola Walker is breathtaking as Hannah Stern. The dynamic between the characters works on every level. It’s a sensitive and difficult subject and you get to see all aspects of that across the series. The writer/writers got it spot on. Easily one of the best U. K. drama shows. It is an emotional roller coaster, heartwarming and sad. There are predictable elements that shock when it happens and then others you second guess and are left strangely disappointed that they didn’t happen. Thoroughly engaging.

Stick with it. It goes to the Unexpected (9/10)

Stick with ‘The Split’ Season One. And Season 2 is even better. Attorneys who specialize in Family Law / Divorce find themselves ill-equipped to deal with their specialty when it comes to their ‘real’ / private lives.

Following my watching the first season’s 6 episodes I was glad – delighted – that I did. Even more so following Season 2. Yes there are moments when it threatens to descend into what we in America call ‘Soap Opera’; the melodramatic, predictable, ‘corny’ fluff that normally is telecast during daytimes. But then the story moves in a direction you would not have expected. Characters say things and do things that you would not have expected (though later, when you think about them, you’re really not as surprised as you were at first). The character ‘Nina’ is, perhaps, the series’ most interesting. Though her screen-time is not nearly as much as her older sister ‘Hanna’ (Nicola Walker), her moments contain spoken truths that we rarely see in either TV series or film.

I am a big fan of Nicola Walker. And if you are too, you will not be disappointed. But the rest of the cast is fine as well. And for me, an American, the British accents and London locale serve to elevate the dialogue and story to ‘higher heights’.

In short, watch ‘The Split’. You’ll be glad you did.

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