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Prelude To Great War? Kyiv Security Compact Recommends “Binding” Security Guarantees For Ukraine From NATO And Allied Countries

| 21 September 2022

Last week in Kyiv, former NATO Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen...MORE>>

German Federal Peace Council Committee Says Ukraine War Must End, Makes Peace Proposal

| 15 September 2022

In a position paper, the German Federal Committee on Peace says the war in Ukraine...MORE>>

Putin At The Moscow Conference on International Security: “They (The US) Need Conflict To Maintain Their Hegemony”

| 21 August 2022

In a speech at the Moscow Conference on International Security...MORE>>

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Leaked Party Video

| 19 August 2022

Watch the TCE take on the leaked party video of Finnish...MORE>>

Who Wanted War? Putin Pleads For Trust And Cooperation in Speech To The German Bundestag On 25 Sep 2001

| 18 August 2022

More than twenty years ago, on 25 September 2001, Russian President Vladimir Putin...MORE>>

Did Anyone Read The Minsk 2 Agreements?

| 3 August 2022

In 2015, Russia and Ukraine signed the Minsk 2 Agreements...MORE>>

[Watch] Ahr Valley Flood Disaster Anniversary: State Failure, Made In Germany

| 20 July 2022

On 14 July 2022, Germany commemorated the deadly floods...MORE>>

[Watch] Dutch Farmer: “They Want Our Land, Not Our Nitrogen”

| 12 July 2022

One farmer explained what he thought was the real reason...MORE>>

Why Dutch Farmers Are Protesting

| 8 July 2022

TCE Originals explains why the Dutch farmers are protesting.