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rule of law in germany

What’s Wrong With Germany?: The Michael Ballweg Case

| 9 January 2023

It is said that the best stories are never told. The rule of law in Germany is becoming more and mo


Did the UK Govt Quietly Change Its COVID Vaccination Advice For Pregnant Women After Recommending It For Two Years?

| 30 August 2022

Since two years now, UK government officials and the National Health Service (NHS)...MORE>>

War in Ukraine

Ukrainian Neo-Nazism: What Anti-War Activist Maria Discovered in Donbas

| 23 August 2022

American journalist John Marc Dugan interviewed Maria, an anti-war activist...MORE>>


Censored Doctors Protest Outside Twitter HQ In Ireland

| 15 August 2022

Doctors who have been censored on Twitter for posting...MORE>>