Photo: Chancellor Scholz announcing a €100 billion increase in German defence spending in the Bundestag in February. He also announced Germany will supply weapons to Ukraine.

Chancellor Scholz: “Doing Everything” To Avoid Escalation – But…Germany “Will Support” Ukraine With Weapons

Germany remains committed to sending weapons to Ukraine as promised, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview with the newspaper Munchner Merkur, published on Tuesday.

The Chancellor was being questioned about complaints from Ukraine that Germany has not delivered on its promise to send heavy weapons to Kiev.

“Much of what is being said in this country is simply not true. And some underestimate the complexity of the matter. If we supply the most modern weapon systems such as self-propelled howitzers or complex anti-aircraft systems, the soldiers must also be well trained, otherwise these weapons will be ineffective. And for some systems, the appropriate ammunition must be organized.”, said the Chancellor.

“Anyone who thinks that weapons of war are available like cars from dealers is wrong. I am aware that I have to endure criticism. But I won’t let myself be diverted from a level-headed course.”

He acknowledged discussions with Ukrainian officials about military needs, which include “heavy artillery, anti-aircraft systems and protection against missile strikes.”

“And that is exactly what Germany delivers.”

War in Ukraine: The German Position

In the interview, Chancellor Scholz explained the German position on the war:

Ukraine must be able to defend its integrity and sovereignty. That’s what it’s all about now. Russia must end the war immediately and withdraw its troops.

He said Germany was helping in many ways.

“Germany, like many other countries, supports Ukraine to the best of its ability. Financially, by giving a lot of money. Humanely, by treating the injured and by taking in more than 800,000 refugees in Germany. And military, with the supply of weapons and ammunition. And in Europe we jointly issued six very harsh sanctions packages against Russia. We’ll hold out for as long as it takes.”

“Can you promise us Germans: under my leadership there will be no war in Germany?”

Chancellor Scholz promised military support for Ukraine would not drag the war in Germany.

According to the Chancellor Scholz, Germany “will support Ukraine”, but it is also “doing everything” to prevent escalation into a war between Russia and NATO, “because that would lead to a catastrophe”

When asked “Can you promise us Germans: under my leadership there will be no war in Germany?”, the Chancellor answered:

From the beginning I said very clearly: we will support Ukraine. To do this, I broke with a rule that had been in place for decades and, for the first time, had weapons delivered to such a war zone on a large scale. At the same time, and this was also clear from the start, we and our allies are doing everything we can to avoid an escalation into a war between Russia and NATO – because that would lead to a catastrophe. That is why, in March, we all rejected Ukraine’s desire to impose a no-fly zone. That would have meant NATO’s direct participation in the war.

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