Photo: "We're talking about Germany's death here" - German Craftsmen

“Do You Really Want To Sacrifice Your Country?” – German Craftsmen Call For End To Russia Sanctions In Open Letter, Say Standard Of Life In Peril

The letter is notable for its sharp tone, and improbable success. The Halle-Saalekreis District Association of Craftsmen has written an open letter to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asking to put a stop to German sanctions on Russia and to start negotiation to end the war in Ukraine.

The letter, which went online on August 17 on the Internet platform “Du bist Halle”, has caught on with the public for expressing what many Germans are thinking, but remain hesitant to express, as they struggle with shock energy prices. Average energy prices have increased by around 184 percent due to the energy sanctions on Russia, which have created an energy crisis in the country.

According to the 16 signatories of the open letter, which includes roofers, carpenters and chimney sweeps, the war must end because the sanctions threaten the standard of living in Germany.

In the three-page letter, the craftsmen first emphasize that “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is a clear violation of Article Two of the UN Charter and is viewed and criticized by us as a serious crime.”

But it goes on to say: “We as craftsmen know from many discussions with our customers that the vast majority is not willing to sacrifice their hard-earned standard of living for Ukraine. It’s not our war either!”

The German craftsmen give drastic words to the German Chancellor: “Do you want to be the chancellor who drove Germany to ruin. Do you really want to sacrifice your country?”

The letter writers also point out Ukraine’s corruption problem, referring to a publication by Transparency International in which the country took 122nd place in corruption in 2021, saying “no other European country did worse. “. They ask the Chancellor: “And you want to put Germany at risk for that?”

The German craftsmen issued three demands to the Chancellor: “1. Immediately stop all sanctions against Russia. 2. Immediately begin diplomatic negotiations to end the war. 3. All political decisions are to be checked for the benefits for the German people – just as you have sworn.”

The signatories ended the letter with a sharp warning about the future of Germany: “We are not talking about one or two degrees less room temperature or whether swimming pools have to lower their water temperature. We’re talking about Germany’s death here! Many people in our country recognize that, why don’t you?”

“Change your course. In the interests of our homeland.”

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