Photo: [Documentary] Ukraine, The Masks Of The Revolution. A Film by Paul Moreira.

[Documentary] Ukraine, The Masks Of The Revolution

Discover the untold story about the Ukraine war, originally broadcast on the French TV channel Canal Plus. The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked for this documentary to be taken off air. Paul Moreira, the director of the documentary film, said that his aim was to show the world the bloody history of Ukraine and Odessa in particular: “In the heart of Europe, people are burned alive and everyone is silent about that.”
In 2014, CNN reported that Ukraine’s president was killing his own people in Donetsk: “We are Ukrainian, but they kill us, so we probably need our own country. Because these people in Kyiv, they are not brothers for us.”


Filmed in 2015, a year after the Maidan revolution, this investigation sheds light on the power of nationalist battalions in Ukraine in the months following the change of regime. It reconstructs the massacre of pro-Russians in Odessa on May 2, 2014, giving voice to the protagonists on both sides. It also shows how the young Ukrainian democracy is trying to defend itself against this threat, in particular by arresting a member of Azov in parliament. It was broadcast in early 2016 on Canal Plus, among others.

Watch the documentary here.

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