Edward Snowden Gets Russian Citizenship

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Billionaires Should Be Expropriated writes:

The fact that we didn’t help either Snowden or Assange says everything you need to know about our “rule of law”.

Peterplys writes:

It is unfortunate that Snowden actually had to fear being extradited to the United States by Germany or other EU countries. After all, who wants to spend life in a US prison for acts of courage? Dealing with Assange is also questionable and ethically questionable, which does not reflect well on democratic states. I remember the forced landing of the Bolivian government plane in Vienna because it was suspected that Snowden was on board. I don’t really think that’s a good thing, but probably only Russia could guarantee him protection.

Symphoniacus writes:

It’s amazing how quickly people “forget” – or at least bend from the warm living room couch to put it into perspective – what Snowden, with his highly overdue, dramatic wake-up call, has achieved not only for America, but for the entire world; this in the full knowledge that he must use his life as a pledge in order to follow his conscience.

I have nothing but respect for his selfless work and what he has achieved through it; the malicious comments that sometimes appear here are simply decadent.

Waltzing Tilda writes:

well, what should he do? He would not have gotten asylum in Western Europe, even though “friends” were spying on them (e.g. Angela’s mobile phone).
Assange is a good example of what would have happened to him.

He had 3 options:
150 years US prison – suicide – asylum in Russia.

Well, the choice isn’t that difficult after all.

PippiLottaViktualiaUndSoWeiter writes:

I rather think that the two of them realized how long America’s arm is and that you had no more options than asylum in rogue states if you didn’t want to end up in a shithole because of treason. When it comes to your own life, your jacket is closer than your pants. So I can understand when one loses one’s idealism after years of siege. Ultimately, no Western country has agreed to grant asylum, although it is arguable that both are politically persecuted.

Anonymous writes:

Snowden doesn’t belong in Moscow, but in Oslo, where he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is an unbearable disgrace for any liberal democracy that this man is being prosecuted for exposing and informing the public of the criminal machinations of the US government around the world.

dth writes:

But there are few alternatives for Snowden. It must be a country that will be permanently in conflict with the US, and will not surrender for any compromise. There are few countries where one can really assume this with certainty in the long term. China would be an option if they want it, but not any better. With all the other states, you can’t actually know whether it will tip over.

And in the democratic states it would be a massive gamble, nobody will make you an offer, you could just travel there and bet on the judicial system, and that for the rest of your life. Also, the US has kidnapped people before. This means that there is no country in question where the USA can operate quite freely.

And well, of course he has to keep the Russians halfway happy. He’s actually done quite well so far and hasn’t let himself be harnessed too much for propaganda.

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