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Gerard Aartsen On TCE Spaceship MIND: E.T.s Are Real And They Are Here To Help

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Meet Gerard Aartsen from the Netherlands who has written several books about Extra-Terrestrial contact. He says E.Ts are real and the government is aware of their existence. Contrary to the hype of dangerous aliens, most E.Ts have and continue to visit earth, not to harm but to offer help to the human species.

In his book “Here to help: UFOs and the space brothers“, Gerard Aartsen says E.Ts are far more advanced than us in terms of technology. But there is something else that is more interesting about them. They are also far more advanced spiritually, and this is the most important fact about about them.

Science and spirituality are one and same for the E.Ts, and their main reason for coming is to share this knowledge with the human species. The E.Ts want to help humanity evolve spiritually. This means, advancing our awareness of the essentially spiritual nature of life and establishing with our spiritually advanced galactic relatives, or what Gerard calls our “elder brothers” from space.

Gerard says there are many well-documented cases of E.T contact, not just with ordinary people including the well-known case of George Adamski, but even at the highest level of the U.S government. Allegedly, former U.S Secretary of State George Marshall and former U.S President Dwight Eisenhower have met with E.Ts.

Yet, the U.S government continues to officially deny the existence of E.Ts. What’s more, there is an active, decades-long disinformation campaign on the part of the U.S government to confuse and scare the public about the nature of UFOs and E.T existence. E.T visitors are framed as a menacing danger. But many contactees, including George Adamski, say that’s not the truth. The E.Ts are here to help, and they are patient, intelligent and wise beyond all human understanding.

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