Photo: German Parliament/Bundestag by Maheshkumar Painam

German Federal Peace Council Committee Says Ukraine War Must End, Makes Peace Proposal

In a position paper, the German Federal Committee on Peace says the war in Ukraine “could and should have been prevented”, and demands a radical change of course from the German federal government, with a list of proposals for a prospective solution to the war.

On the reasons for the war, the paper states “there was no lack of urgent warnings, including from numerous leading Western foreign politicians and experts, that disregard for Russia’s essential security interests could provoke such a reaction.” The war is a “response to NATO’s eastward expansion”, which it notes “has long been criticized by the peace movement”.

According to the Committee, the sanctions against Russia will backfire for Europe, because the Russian economy is large enough to absorb the shock:

“The economic and financial blockades against Russia could boomerang for Western Europe. It turns out that such a powerful country with such great resources can hardly be effectively blocked. While Russia is currently generating higher income than before despite lower export volumes due to the increased prices for oil and gas and has so far been able to keep the negative effects on the currency and economy within limits, the economies of other European countries are suffering more and more from the embargo measures.”

The Committee, which also represents the peace movement in Germany, says the US and the UK have actively blocked peace negotiations by urging Ukraine not to compromise with Russia and increasing military aid just when Kiev and Moscow were on the verge of reaching an agreement in Ankara, Turkey.

“At the negotiations in Ankara, what Moscow wanted and what Zelensky had agreed to talk about were close together. The offers initially floated by President Zelensky in March – neutrality, agreement on the recognition of Crimea and referendums on the future status of the Donbass republics – appeared to offer a real chance for political solutions and an early ceasefire.

“But Washington and London blocked. They openly urged Kiev not to compromise while increasing their military support. The EU also worked effectively against an agreement between Kiev and Moscow.”

“When Selensky on 25.2. declared its willingness to negotiate with Russia on a neutrality status and security guarantees, Brussels responded by pledging 450 million euros in arms supplies, and when it made even more concessions to Russia in public announcements, Ukraine was given another 500 million euros worth of arms served.“

The position paper says the fighting must end, because the war could escalate into an uncontrollable great war, with the possibility of nuclear confrontation.

“The longer the war lasts, the greater the danger that the war will escalate into an uncontrollable escalation in which nuclear powers confront each other. The 15 nuclear reactors that are connected to the grid in Ukraine also harbor incalculable, existential risks for the whole of Europe.”

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