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Photo: A Resident of Lisichank, as filmed in the France Televisions report.

“I want to scream with joy”- Unusual Footage Shows Local Residents Welcoming Russian Military in Ukrainian City of Lisichansk

It is an unusual footage. France Televisions, the public television service of France, reports that the residents of Lisichank are welcoming the arrival of Russian military.

Moscou has captured the strategic city of Lisichank in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

German journalist Alina Lipp, who is on the ground in Donbas, already reported that people in the Donbas and Luhansk regions of Ukraine supported Russia in the war because of Ukraine’e civil war against its own Russian speaking population in the two regions. In this context, Russia is being seen by local residents as the liberator.

For posting this information on her telegram channel, Lipp is now facing prosecution by German authorities. The charge from the prosecutor reads: “To stir up a psychological climate, also among the population of the Federal Republic of Germany, to cause divisions in society and to destroy social cohesion due to at least distorted and sometimes false ideas,”

In the France Televisions report, residents can be seen greeting the pro-Russian separatist soldiers. The residents interviewed say they are happy with the arrival of the Russians. “I want to scream, scream, scream with joy. For others, I can’t say, but around me, everyone is like that,” says Lysytchansk resident Elena Niestchudnaya.

The soldiers can be seen distributing food to the local residents. “Here, semolina and pasta”, says one soldier.

“I’d like some water…”, says an elderly woman.

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