Italian Election Results

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Hunter writes:

Ursula von der Leyen, endowed with tremendous power without ever having been elected herself or even having stood for election, stands up and announces that a right-wing victory in Italy would be a threat to democracy. Can it get any more grotesque?
I always thought 1984 was an exaggeration. Today I know doublethink is reality:

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

Hummi writes:

Why is nobody actually saying that the situation we have in the EU now, the high inflation, a mega-weak euro that is only worth 97 US cents, the massive debt of all states and the change to a debt union, have not brought about any “rights”. or to be responsible .. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if the Italians have now sent a crystal clear signal. They’re just not as stupid as the Germans, the paymasters of the EU, who are now also jointly liable for the debts of others… It’s unbelievable how stupid people are in our country (Germany). So I think a complete collapse at the end is the salvation from all the stupidity that prevails here and you can start again

Honest writes:

Did you click on Meloni’s INCREDIBLE speech on Twitter?! I haven’t experienced such power in decades. In terms of content, she says that the destruction and leveling of all differences between people, races, identities and cultures as well as the destruction of families only serves ONE international purpose: to make it easier for financial speculators to enslave people as the same, unresisting consumer masses everywhere. This woman will cause a hurricane!! No wonder the mainstream is raging. Their ass goes with Grundeis. I bow to her and can only hope that the new star in the sky of normality has good bodyguards!

Stauraphylax writes:

The electoral victory of the right as a “shock for all democratically minded Europeans”. If it’s a healing shock, that’s not wrong at all! On the one hand, salutary means that European social democrats recognize that uncontrolled mass immigration hits the little people particularly hard and ultimately destroys the welfare state. So social democrats should not leave this issue to the right in the interest of their own classic electoral clientele – which the Danish social democrats have already understood. On the other hand, salutary would mean that European Christian Democrats and conservatives realize that many citizens want better protection for classic families and unborn life instead of gender and diversity – and more commitment to the Christian character of Europe. After all, salutary would mean that the bubble in which one naturally assumes that the future belongs to left-wing ideas will burst. If that’s the case, it would be great if Giorgia Meloni’s election victory caused a shock wave. I don’t believe it (yet) – but hope dies last!

Diterpene writes:

I’m curious what kind of deeds these friends of Mussolini will accomplish. Hopefully only good things.

BadNews writes:

Good night Europe – that was it with peace in freedom for the last 70 years. From now on, 1922 begins again with all known developments in changed roles.

In 10 years at the latest, Europe will be on fire…

Amygdalamesopotamia writes:

“Isn’t crime a problem for you?”

Fascists are criminals-to-be.

Do you know the entire history of the 20th century? got lost? Haven’t you read anything about the actions of the far-right Lega Nord? About the terrorist attacks and arson attacks that politicians from this party themselves carried out – and were convicted of? Not to mention all the corruption that runs to the core of these post-fascists? What reality do you have to live in to be able to ignore that?

Crime is still mainly cultivated in the domestic organic garden.

In every country the same song played by the right wing. Stir up irrational fears. stigmatizations. create enemy images. Compulsion to identify with what the party defines as “normal” (because the party is always right). Diversionary maneuvers from their own corruption. victim role. Responsibility always lies with others.

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