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New Professional Immigration Law Makes Germany “Not Attractive for Truly Qualified People”, Says AfD Boss Alice Weidel

Germany passed a new law approving the immigration of skilled workers from third countries. Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) co-leader, Alice Weidel, explains why, because of this law, Germany will continue to be unattractive for “truly highly qualified people”. German immigration law, in her words, invites “mainly immigration into social benefits systems.”:

“It is an illusion to believe that a skilled immigration law could solve Germany’s labor market problems.” For truly highly qualified people, Germany is not attractive in international competition. With lax rules, lack of controls and the most generous social services of all EU countries, the German migration policy attracts especially poor migrants and invites mainly to immigration into social systems.

A “point system” based on the Canadian model, which allows skilled workers to immigration even without a concrete job offer, remains meaningless as long as the existing mismanagement in migration policy remain. The prerequisites for the effective control of migration are closed borders, strict and consistent border controls, the continuous interruption of illegal migration and the continuous deportation of illegal migrants, criminals and not foreigners who have the right of residence.

As long as this doesn’t happen, the professional immigration law and the point system are merely symbolic political eye wiping. The example of the immigrants from Syria, about two thirds of whom still live whole or partially from Hartz IV, makes clear that with wide open borders and high social services, especially those coming to Germany w earths that cannot be mediate into the labor market and will burden our social system.”

AfD co-leader, Alice Weidel.
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