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[Open Letter From The Scientific Initiative Health For Austria] Corona Vaccination Requirement: “Back Then, We Didn’t Know Any Better.” – Yes, You Did!

The Scientific Initiative Health for Austria writes a damning open letter about the increasing trickle of public apologies by governments claiming they could not have foreseen the tragic implications of their vaccination policies. According to the initiative, it’s not that governments didn’t know any better, it’s that they knew.

The Health for Austria Initiative describes itself as a group of non-partisan health professionals who are concerned about developments politics and society “Not only from a medical-scientific point of view, but also from a purely human point of view.”

They want “to clarify, but also show solutions that can lead us out of the crisis and back to a healthy coexistence . We are independent of any party politics, but we are very happy to provide our input to politicians.”

TCE translated the open letter in English.

Open Letter

Corona Vaccination Requirement: “Back then, you didn’t know any better.” – Yes, you did!

Ladies and gentlemen in government offices, at the Constitutional Court, in the Office of the Federal President, in the ministries and in the editorial offices,

After more than 3 years of state of emergency (with massive restrictions on fundamental rights, discrimination and division of society), it is now time to come to terms with the Corona situation. Many decision-makers and supporters of tough measures and, above all, compulsory vaccination are now trying to put their (wrong) decisions into perspective.

A currently popular excuse is: “Back then, we didn’t know any better.”

The SPÖ chairwoman Dr. Pamela Rendi-Wagner in a ZIB2 interview on March 6, 2023, when asked whether the compulsory vaccination was a mistake, said “with today’s knowledge nobody would agree” but at the time we didn’t know any better. But other people in positions of responsibility also like to evade responsibility with this argument.

We have to strongly disagree:

As an association of over 600 independent Austrian doctors and scientists, we have both Dr. Rendi-Wagner and all other members of parliament sent several emails in December 2021 and January 2022 in which we explained scientifically that compulsory vaccination is a mistake and a potential threat to the Austrian population. That these mails arrived is proven by the fact that we received replies. For example from the office of the club chairwoman Dr. Rendi Wagner. This reply contained numerous scientifically untenable statements which we clarified in our reply, which ended the communication.

Unfortunately, none of the decision-makers sought to talk to us.

In short, we have listed the following problems and documented them with studies:

(1) Lack of foreign protection through these vaccinations (which takes the argument of solidarity and herd immunity ad absurdum and should actually rule out compulsory vaccination from the outset)

(2) Significant overestimation of the danger of the SARS-CoV2 virus – especially for healthy people (need for an individual benefit-risk analysis)

(3) Insufficient and short-lasting protective effect of SARS-CoV2 vaccinations

(4) Risk of promoting escape mutations through mass vaccination campaigns during a pandemic with vaccines without sterile immunity

(5) good protection of the natural immunity after a Covid disease, which is at least equal to the vaccination protection, which is why a vaccination requirement for genesis not only has no medical basis, but also represents an unnecessary risk

(6) negative risk-benefit balance of SARS-CoV2 vaccinations for young people

(7) Striking accumulation of diseases and deaths in temporal connection with the SARS-CoV2 vaccinations (with reference to our practical experience!) as well as unexplained excess mortality

(8) massive underreporting of possible vaccine side effects

(9) Completely insufficient recording of the vaccination status of the Covid patients , which made a scientific evaluation of the vaccination effect impossible

(10) Lack of targeted prophylaxis and early treatment strategies , as successfully implemented in many other countries

(11) and finally the lack of a scientific basis for compulsory vaccination

We were by no means the only ones to about the dangers of these vaccines warn and continue to warn, and the scientific literature on them is growing. However, critical voices from scientists and doctors from all over the world were systematically silenced from the start.

Especially Mrs. Dr. Rendi-Wagner, as a doctor specializing in epidemiology and public health, should have recognized the weight of these voices and the problems of these vaccines . The excuse that people didn’t know better “back then” can be clearly refuted. They simply didn’t want to know (the lockdown files from England that have just been published, which are surprisingly little discussed in Austria, could lead to even worse assumptions).

At the end of our email from December 2021, we wrote verbatim:

“You cannot then claim that you were not warned about the risks and that you did not know anything!” (see here and the publicly accessible press release here).

You have been warned. You knew it.

(Nevertheless, on January 20, 2022, a total of 137 mandataries voted for compulsory vaccination and only 33 against.)

With this in mind, we wish for an honest and scientifically independent review of the Corona period, in which the politicians involved also stand by their responsibility.

Kind regards,
The Scientific Initiative Health for Austria

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