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“Our Only Crime Is To Have Been Careful”: Moving Cry For Help From Young French Doctor Suspended For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr Gregory Pamart, a 33-year old young French doctor and father, has made a moving appeal on the condition of health workers in France who have been deprived of their right to work for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr Pamart has been suspended from duty for over a year now. He has had enough and makes an appeal, which he hopes the world will hear:“If we want our cause to be heard, we must go beyond our country’s borders, inform and attract public attention internationally.”
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TCE has translated his appeal from the original French to English.

#SOS from France

“I’m Dr. Gregory Pamart, I am 33 years old, married and a family man. For a year, four months and 13 days I no longer have the right to practice my profession as a general practitioner in my country, in France. 500 days ago I was forced to abandon my patients and leave them alone without medical advice. 500 days ago the government fired doctors, nurses, orderlies, firefighters and healthcare workers who refused anti-Covid injection. We lost the job we love. The government invented a new status:

We are the “suspended” with no wages, no compensation, no help whatsoever.
For 500 days we have renounced our insurance, our comfort, some are begging, several families are giving up their homes, others are leaving their countries.

Our only crime is to have been careful. To have refused a novel treatment.
We rejected medicine’s crime of forcing people who are ignored, ridiculed by the media and discredited by public opinion. Last summer, France was ravaged by major fires and asked for help from firefighters from across Europe. 5000 suspended firefighters stayed at home without being allowed to help.

Many sick people no longer have a doctor. They refrain from seeking treatment or contacting the emergency service. But the doctors are still not allowed to treat. One emergency service after the other closes. The waiting times are so long that patients die on the stretchers before they can be examined.

But the unvaccinated are still not allowed to return to work. Such is the reality in France, which once boasted of having the best healthcare system in the world. Today the whole world admits that vaccination does not prevent transmission of the virus. The “scientific argument” no longer holds. All countries have abolished compulsory vaccination. But no… Not all ! France is the latest country to keep vaccination compulsory. We owe this “French exception” to President Macron, who proclaimed:

“The unvaccinated, I feel like making life difficult for them, annoying them. So we will continue until the end. That’s it, the strategy.”

He makes it a personal matter, he puts himself at the service of the pharmaceutical industry, against his people. The government is turning a blind eye to this situation. Worse, she’s been using a procrastination tactic lately to prevent Parliament from repealing this unjust law.

500 days already, 500 days! Will I be allowed to practice my profession as a doctor again in this country? I don’t know it. Honestly, I’m scared of what’s going to happen to medicine. I’m afraid of what will become of my country. The “suspended status” allows the state to fire anyone for their opinion and put them on the sidelines. Today it’s the nurses and tomorrow? The rebellious teachers? The policemen? The judge? That’s why I’m turning to you.

The government is blocking our ability to act.

If we want our cause to be heard, we must go beyond our country’s borders, inform and attract public attention internationally. Let the world tell Macron and the government: “Don’t trample on your democracy.” Those who devote their lives to caring for others deserve more than that. The health and freedom of the French deserve more than that. France must not become a totalitarian state. The land of human rights (droits de l’homme) deserves more than that.

It is necessary for the international public to understand and know what is happening in France. The state of our health and the state of our politics is alarming.

This is an SOS! Spread this appeal around the world, in your language. Send it to your friends, family and acquaintances. Share it on social networks and media. We want public opinion to be outraged on our side. We ask for your support.Thanks.”

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