Photo: Podcast host, Joe Rogan.

Podcast Host Joe Rogan, Babylon Bee CEO Debate About Abortion

Podcast host Joe Rogan debated with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon on Tuesday about abortion.

Rogan defended the right to abortion, saying it was appropriate in certain cases, while Dillon said abortion was wrong and “intentionally kills an innocent human life” because life begins at conception.

Babylon Bee CEO, Seth Dillon.

The background to the discussion is the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.

“There are women who have been raped who should not have to fucking carry some rapist’s baby,” Rogan said. “There’s women who have been sexually assaulted before the age of 14.”

“There are people who have been born of rape and are alive right now, and are pro-life,” Dillon responded. “They go around speaking and talking about how, ‘I had a right to live.’ They will go around and make a case, and they were born of a rape.”

Rogan disagreed, saying women must have the right to choose, and invoked a hypothetical situation with his young daughter.

“You don’t have a right to tell a 14-year-old girl she has to carry her rapist’s baby. Do you understand what you’re saying? You don’t have the right to tell my 14-year-old daughter she has to carry her rapist’s baby.”

“You understand that’s a 14-year-old child,” Rogan continued. “A 14-year-old child gets raped, you say that they have to carry that baby?”

“I don’t think two wrongs make a right,” Dillon said. “I don’t think murder fixes a rape.”

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