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Putin At The Moscow Conference on International Security: “They (The US) Need Conflict To Maintain Their Hegemony”

In a speech at the Moscow Conference on International Security on 16 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply criticized the United States for deliberately provoking conflicts around in the world in order to maintain its hegemony.

He said “the contours of a multipolar world order are being formed” and the US was using all means to “save its dominance”. It is the first time that President Putin has been so forthright in his criticism of US foreign policy.

According to Putin, the US was “purposefully destroying the system of European security”, and Ukraine was being used as “cannon fodder” to maintain US hegemony in Europe. He calls European countries “US vassals”, and says war is being used by “western globalist elites” to “divert the attention of their own citizens from acute socio-economic problems – falling living standards, unemployment, poverty, deindustrialization – shift their own failures on other countries”.

The war in Ukraine is not expected to end soon, because the US “is trying to prolong this conflict”. He calls for a “radical strengthening of the system of the modern multipolar world”, because it allows countries to choose their own path of development, and sounds a word of warning: “the era of the unipolar world order is leaving into the past.”

Speech Transcript

Address to participants and guests of the Moscow Conference on International Security

Vladimir Putin: Ladies and gentlemen! Dear foreign guests!I welcome you to the anniversary, 10th Moscow conferences on international security.

Over the past decade, your representative forum has become significant a platform for discussing the most pressing military-political problems.
Today, such an open discussion is especially relevant. The situation in the world is dynamic is changing, the contours of a multipolar world order are being formed. More countries and peoples choose the path of free, sovereign development based on their identity, traditions and values.

These objective processes are counteracted by Western globalist elites, provoking chaos, igniting old and new conflicts, realizing policy of so-called containment, and in fact – undermining any alternative, sovereign development paths. Thus, they try their best to keep hegemony, power, slipping out of their hands, are trying to keep countries and peoples in the grip of neo-colonial order in nature. Their hegemony means stagnation for everything world, for all civilization, obscurantism and the abolition of culture, neoliberal totalitarianism.

Any means are used. The United States and its vassals rudely interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states: they organize provocations, coups d’état, civil wars. Threats, blackmail and pressure are trying to force independent states to submit to their will, to live by rules alien to them. And all this is done with one goal – to save its dominance, the model that allows you to parasitize the whole world, as it was centuries before, and such a model can only be held by force.

That’s why the collective West, so called the collective West, purposefully destroying the system of European security, cobble together all new military alliances. The NATO bloc is moving to the East, building up its military infrastructure, including hosting anti-missile systems defense and enhances the strike capabilities of offensive forces. In words it hypocritically announced the need to strengthen security in Europe, but in fact, just the opposite happens. At the same time, the proposals put forward by Russia in December last year on measures mutual security was simply once again ignored.

They need conflict to maintain their hegemony. Exactly therefore, they prepared the fate of cannon fodder for the people of Ukraine, implemented the “anti-Russia” project, turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology, to the massacres of Donbas residents, pumped and continue to pump the Kyiv regime with weapons, including number heavy.

Under these conditions, we took decision to hold a special military operation in full compliance with the Charter of the United Nations. The goals of this operation are defined clearly and clearly – this is to ensure the security of Russia and our citizens, the protection residents of Donbass from the genocide.

The situation in Ukraine shows that the US is trying to prolong this conflict. And just like that they act, fueling the potential for conflict in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. How It is known that recently the United States once again deliberately tried to add fuel to the fire and shake the situation in the Asia-Pacific region. American adventure with Taiwan is not just trip of an individual irresponsible politician, but part of a purposeful, conscious US strategy to destabilize and chaoticize the situation in the region and the world, a brazen demonstration of disrespect to the sovereignty of other countries and to their international obligations. We see in this carefully planned provocation.

Obviously, with the help of such actions, Western globalist elites, among other things, are trying divert the attention of their own citizens from acute socio-economic problems – falling living standards, unemployment, poverty, deindustrialization – shift their own failures on other countries – on Russia, on China, which defend their point of view, build a sovereign development policy, not obeying the dictates supranational elites.

We also see that the collective West seeks to extend its bloc system to the Asia-Pacific region by analogy with NATO in Europe. For this purpose, they form aggressive military- political alliances such as AUKUS and others.

It is obvious that to reduce tension in the world, overcome threats and risks in the military- political sphere, to increase the level of trust between countries and ensure their sustainable development is possible only through a radical strengthening of the system of the modern multipolar world. I repeat again, the era of the unipolar world order is leaving into the past. No matter how they cling for the usual state of affairs beneficiaries of the current globalist model, she doomed. Geopolitical changes of historical scale going in a completely different direction.

And, of course, another important confirmation of the objective processes of strengthening multipolarity in the world is served by your conference, which brought together representatives from many countries who want to discuss issues in the field of security on an equal footing, to conduct a dialogue in which interests of all are taken into account without exception of the parties.

Let me stress that it is a multipolar world built on international law and more just relations that opens up new opportunities for combating common threats. Among they are regional conflicts and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and cybercrime. All these challenges are of a global nature, and without combining the efforts and potentials of all states they cannot be overcome.

As before, Russia will actively and proactively participate in such coordinated joint work, together with its allies, partners and like-minded people to improve the existing mechanisms of international security and create new ones, consistently strengthen national armed forces and other security structures, increasing their equipment modern weapons and military equipment. Provide your national interests, as well as the protection of our allies, to take other steps towards building a more democratic world, where the rights of all peoples and cultural and civilizational diversity are guaranteed.

We must restore respect for international law, to its fundamental norms and principles. And, of course, it is important to strengthen positions of such universal structures recognized by all countries as United Nations and other international dialogue platforms.

The Security Council and the UN General Assembly, as it was originally conceived, should serve as effective instruments for reducing international tensions and conflict prevention, to promote ensuring reliable security and well-being of countries and peoples.

In conclusion, I want to say thank you organizers of the conference for the great preparatory work, wish everyone participants of the meeting of meaningful discussions.

I am confident that the forum will continue to make a significant contribution to strengthening peace and stability in our planet, to actively promote the development of a constructive dialogue and partnership.

Thank you for your attention.

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