Photo Credit and Description: Poster for STARZ TV Series, The Serpent Queen.

STARZ TV Series: The Serpent Queen


Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda’s book “Catherine de Medici: Renaissance Queen of France.”


I can’t fault it. (10 /10)

Wow, The Serpent Queen is outstanding. Hear me out, I know I am only 2 episodes in, but I was hooked within ten minutes of the first episode.

The series is about Catherine De Medici ( a true person in history) and her rise into French Royalty to become Queen of France.

It is cleverly done, with Catherine relaying the tale to a servant girl.

Samantha Morton is amazing in her role as Catherine, and. The actress Liv Hill as the younger Catherine definitely holds her own.

This series so far is full of wit, magically costumed, and deeply fascinating.

If you love anything historical then this is for you. Don’t let the word historical turn you off though. Honestly this series is addictive and brilliant.

Historical Fiction (4/10)

I really loved the White Princess and the White Queen from Starz but didn’t care much for the Spanish Princess. Unfortunately, the Serpent Queen is more like the latter then the former 2. I found myself checking to see how much time was left in the episode a couple times out of boredom and my mind started wondering off about other things. I’m disappointed too because I was really looking forward to this show and I love that part of history in Italy. This was kinda bizarre and more of a historical fiction which is tolerable for me if the writing and acting make up for it. It unfortunately didn’t make up for it at all. I don’t wanna discourage anyone from watching this as someone else might enjoy it and everyone has their different tastes but it just wasn’t for me personally.

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