Photo: Anya Turnbull on YouTube.

[TCE Finds] How Russia Weaponizes Homophobia, Explained By A Russian

Anya Turnbull, a young Russian, gives her take on how Putin’s Russia weaponizes homophobia.


Russia, which is, sadly, the country I come from, has a law, the so-called “gay propaganda” law, according to which, if you publicly imply that being queer is good or normal you can be fined. This law has been in action since 2013, but it’s important to talk about it now because it’s just been amended and become a lot worse, and secondly because, right now, the Kremlin is trying to re-frame the war in Ukraine as basically a war against queerness. This video is about the way governments – well, one specific government – uses vulnerable groups as a kind of political red herring, why the Kremlin chose to use queer people this way rather than any other minority group and what all of this means for queer people in Russia.

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