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The AFD-Leaks: A Perspective

Berlin is shocked about the AFD-Leaks.

WDR Investigativ and NDRrecherche did a documentary about more than 40,000 internal chat messages from AfD MPs. The chats were leaked to NDR and WDR.

NDRrecherche and WDR Investigativ celebrated their moment of fame, tweeting in a palpably pleased mood, that even The Guardian has picked up on the story.

Never mind that The Guardian is a laughing stock to a good number of Brits, and is consulted more for the daily cringe than for dependable information as such.

The Tagesshau article on the AFD-Leaks call it a peek into “the engine room of the AFD”, and that “It allows the deepest insight so far into the interior of the first right-wing populist and partly right-wing extremist faction that has made it back into the Bundestag since the 1960s.”

Some of the leaked messages are:

“We’ll probably have to wait until the old regime comes to an end economically and the sparks fly from Austria, Italy, France, etc. That will come and we have to prepare ourselves for the merciless fighting that will also follow. (…)” ( message from 16.6.2019)

“The rat Merkel at the top! This traitor belongs in prison for life!” (10.7.2019)

“We’re slowly losing the party that was founded to protect our country.” (07/10/2019)

“With Spahn, the Bundeswehr would have switched back to breech-loaders.” (16.7.2019)

“We are the last chance this country has and I mean that deadly seriously!” (27.7.2019)

“We need a directional decision. Do we want to be a national-socialist or a liberal-conservative party?” (11/8/2019)

“Ms. Weidel can obviously set priorities, but only when it comes to her own head.” (04/22/2020)

The chats have been qualified as Nazi, racist, homophobic and seditious. Personally, I think the words are what they are, but the accusations are over-hyped.

A Perspective

I do not vote. No party represents the ideas I hold dear.

But as an alienated citizen, I find the media treatment of the AFD a thing of great revelation into the actual political workings of Germany.

Nothing is what it seems.

All past and future reporting on the AFD is ruled by one tacit covenant, and that is to always report on the scandals, and never on the achievements. The game is rigged.

It is telling that WDR Investigativ and NDRrecherche thought it a fantastic idea to supplement their documentary with a short video showing members of the Bundestag reading and reacting to messages about themselves in the leaked chats. Needless to say, they all appear to be jolly amused, as if to say, “Gosh, I would never speak like that.”

The background music for the short video could not have been a coincidence. The message must be passed: the AFD is a party of hopeless idiots.

Matter settled? I don’t think.

If I wanted to be funny, I would say I am just curious to know how CDU, or SPD, or Green apparatchiks speak in secret chats. What shocks could we expect? But I am entering on serious territory. What is the chance for a documentary on them?

You know the answer.

So, why the AFD? Because it is good distraction. When the German Michel is watching the latest sensation about the AFD, he is not thinking about the real scandals in Germany: political incompetence, the euro, absurd taxes, extortionate costs of living. If I wanted to be funny, I would say a good place to consider some proposals would be in the AFD electoral program.

Gerhard Wolff.

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