Photo: Karl Lauterbach shouting at a healthworkers' protest in Magdenburg.

The Pressure Is Mounting: Health Minister Lauterbach Trembles…And Insults Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

The pressure is mounting on Germany’s federal health Minister, Karl Lauterbach (SPD), who has imposed mandatory vaccination on healthcare workers. Evidence about vaccination damage is increasing, and so are lawsuits. And the Minister is responding with insults.

At a healthcare workers’ protest in Magdenburg, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach caused outrage with his harsh statements against unvaccinated nurses. The minister was attending a federal health ministers’ conference in the area, where around 300 health workers were also demonstrating on the sidelines for more staff and better patient care.

The Minister of Health shouted: “Those who are protesting against the vaccination have made no contribution to this and should not really be here. They have no right to be here.”

“It is outrageous that you still have the courage to abuse the legitimate demonstration of those who worked, who are really burdened. Your work has made no contribution.”, Lauterbach added angrily while the crowd booed and whistled.

On Twitter, the statements of the Health Minister were sharply criticized, under the hashtag #lauterbachmussweg. One user, Jan Babbe (@jan_babbe) wrote on 22 June 2022, ”This man is a disgrace to our country. It’s unbelievable what hatred and hate speech he’s spreading again. We have to be redeemed from him.”

Another user, Action Replay (@ActionReplay99), wrote on 23 June 2022, ”Where is the indignation about Verdi, who offer this guy a stage and his representatives stand by and clap while the minister insults workers in the worst way?”

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