The Tagesschau Does Damage Control: Admits “Mistake” About Donetsk Shelling In Blog, Not On TV

The tax payer-funded ARD-news program, the Tagesschau, deliberately lied in its report about the shelling of Donetsk in early June. But now, it has admitted its “mistake” in a place where its viewers will not know about it – its blog.

The shelling hit critical places, including residential areas, a market, a hospital, and a maternity hospital. Five people, including an 11-year-old child were killed and 43 people injured.

The city of Donetsk is one of the critical centres of the civil war in Ukraine which has been ongoing for the past 8 years, and subject to regular shelling by Ukrainian troops.

Russian sources say Ukrainian forces used rockets and artillery shells from NATO stocks in its attack in Donetsk.

The Tagesschau reported on the shelling on June 13 in its main program, the 8 p.m. evening news, saying the Russian army shelled a market in Donetsk. The program said, ”Civilian targets, repeatedly under fire from the Russian army. This is the market in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, or what’s left of it.”

But the Reuters report on the Donetsk shelling on June 13 explicitly stated that the shelling was done by the Ukrainian army.

Readers on the internet quickly noticed the discrepancy, posting comparative screenshots accusing the Tagesschau of deliberately lying about the shelling in Donetsk.

The screenshot that circulated widely, comparing the Tagesschau report with the Reuters report on the Donetsk shelling on 13 June 2022.

A number of viewers are reported to have complained to the ARD and the Tagesschau about its coverage of the shelling in Donetsk.

The Tagesschau Does Damage Control, Says “We did not notice the mistake” in the information, “which annoys us greatly”

It took the Tagesschau 3 days to admit its “mistake”. But more remarkably, it chose to make this admission not on TV, in its main 8 pm program, where the corrected information would reach the widest audience, but on its blog, a conveniently lesser-known place which few people visit.

The Tagesschau admits its “mistake” on its blog.

The text on the blog states:

“On June 13, the daily news reported on the shelling of a market in Donetsk based on a report by the Reuters news agency. According to this, several people were killed and injured in a Ukrainian artillery attack in the region occupied by pro-Russian separatists. While this information was correctly reproduced by Reuters in the live blog on, an error occurred in the television reporting. There was inadvertently spoken of a Russian attack. We did not notice the error in the acceptance of the contribution, which annoys us greatly and we regret it, because it does not correspond to the journalistic care that is otherwise required in our reporting. The post has been revised and the broadcast updated. On, the 8 p.m. edition of the tagesschau was supplemented with a note that the program was subsequently edited.”

Up to 16 Million Viewers Every day

Up to 16 million viewers every day watch the news program of the ARD Tagesschau at 8 p.m. It is not clear whether they were able to learn that the news program recognized its “mistake” in its report about the Donetsk shelling on 13 June.

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