Photo: Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

“They Started First By Attacking The Crimean Bridge”: Tipsy Putin Explains Why Russia Is Striking Ukrainian Infrastructure

It’s a rare scene. A tipsy Putin explains why strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure will continue.

Russia is attacking Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, leaving hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians without clean water and electricity. What’s the reason? A tipsy Putin, with champagne glass in hands, explains.

““There is a lot noise right now about our strikes against the energy infrastructure of the neighbouring country. Yes we are doing it, but who started it? Who struck the Crimean bridge? Who blew up the power lines of the Kursk Nuclear Power Station? Who is not providing water to Donetsk?,” Putin asks.

He says Ukraine is committing genocide for refusing to supply water to occupied Donetsk.

“Not providing water to a city of 1 million is an act of genocide,” said Putin, accusing the West of “complete silence” on the issue.

He says the facts are being deliberately misreported, but this should not prevent “us (Russia) from fulfilling our duty to our people”:

“All the nonsense, the informational standoff, the informational throw-ins, all the fakes, they must stand aside. They should not prevent us from fulfilling our duty to our people,”

”As soon as we move and do something about it, there’s an outcry across the universe,” he added.

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