Photo: Poster for TV Series, The Newsreader.

TV Series: The Newsreader


The Newsreader provides an insight into the smoky Australian newsrooms of the 1980s and the people who brought us our nightly news.


Slow build (9/10)

I jumped the gun and rated this lower for early episodes, but it builds as the series progresses. Having lived through these times and watched these 80’s stories when they happened, this brings back so many bitter sweet memories. I’m glad the production team didn’t exaggerate the 80’s vibe as many other shows do – They nail it. The acting seems shallow at first (like the TV industry), but builds into something complex and real. Sam Reid’s acting exposing his character’s growth is exception – but you need to watch the whole series to see what this amazing talent can do with a slow arc.

A One Act(or) Show. (5/10)

Some of the poor reviews are based on much greater knowledge, perception, and dissection than mine. I just didn’t like it because of the poor quality acting. Only Robert Taylor can act. Well, Anna Torv as Helen just scrapes in. Sam Reid is very weak, ‘Neighbours’ quality. The rest are worse. Not very good at all.

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