Photo: Poster for the HBO TV Series, The White Lotus.

TV Series: The White Lotus


Set in a tropical resort, it follows the exploits of various guests and employees over the span of a week.

What the Reviews Say

People – Where is Your Sense of Humor?

“Honestly, “reviewers”? This show is a true HBO show. It is quirky, uncomfortable, exquisitely written, beautifully acted, and is presented nakedly, warts and all.

I found the reviewers fell into two categories – love it or hate it. The “love its” praised it for what I praised it for (above). The “hate its” did not like that you don’t have a joke, then a laugh, then a joke, then a laugh. This is an adult satire. When you reviewers write that you can’t find anything to like about the characters, THAT’S the idea. You are supposed to delve into why you don’t like them. You are supposed to not like what they do (or, if you’re a little bit twisted, LOVE what they do). Brilliantly written by Mike White, it exposes the underbelly of people, yet still shows dignified people in the same context. You don’t like water breaking? That is a natural occurrence. White mingles humanity with absurdity, and coats it with a sheen of money, power, and humility. These actors are willing to be bad people, honest people, people at the end of their rope, and people trying to understand what life holds for them. I have only watched two episodes, and I feel that this show could go in any direction and I’d still love it.”

This is the BEST dark comedy in years

“This is a gem. The writing and acting is amazing. I can’t wait for every Sunday evening. I wish I wouldn’t have started it so I could binge watch the hole thing. There are parts that it takes a few seconds for your brain to process and then bang OMG laugh out loud funny. Rewind watch again funny. The story telling is masterful. Only thing wrong with this show is can’t find anything to it’s equal wile waiting for the next one to be released.”

A witty, scathing, yet compassionate, dark humor, brillant satire

“If you like the writing of Jonathan Swift and Evelyn Waugh you will like this show. This is not bland cookie-cutter tv writing. It is insightful, funny and accepting of people’s foibles while poking fun at them. I love it.”

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