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Photo: German pharmaceutical manufacturer, Biontech.

Vaccine Manufacturer Biontech Facing Wave Of Lawsuits For Serious Vaccination Damage In Germany

The vaccine manufacturer Biontech is facing a wave of lawsuits for vaccination damage in Germany.

Rogert & Ulbrich, a law firm based in Düsseldorf, has filed several lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. The cases concerns serious vaccination damage, and not minor side effects. Compensation could run in the six figures.

The lawyer Tobias Ulbrich said his firm represented around 350 people claiming serious vaccination damage. According to Ulbrich, the cases are “extreme and, from our point of view, well documented”.

The law firm said it has been overrun with calls regarding serious vaccination since it announced its plan to sue Biontech in May 2022.

“I didn’t expect that there would be so many reactions. The vaccine reactions seem to be much larger than expected,” Ulbrich said.

In a press release, titled “Vaccination damage: First lawsuits against BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH”, Ulbrich said that ”More and more vaccine damage is coming to light worldwide and many vaccinated people are only now beginning to realize that their current diseases are related to the mRNA injection.”

In May 2022 when it conducted around 100 initial consultations regarding vaccination damage, the law firm said that their clients reported feeling abandoned by their doctors, who mostly refuse to see any link to vaccination, even when the evidence is compelling.

“The described suffering of the clients goes through marrow and bone. The severity of the described consequences and the importance for the often young life of the clients are shocking”, the lawyer Ulbrich said.

The law firm also criticized how Biotech responded to the alleged injured parties when contacted about vaccine damage.

“BioNTech only sent a form to the legal assertion of claims for damages and information instead of a reply letter dealing with the facts. In it – apparently to make work easier at BioNTech – it was asked to register the written basis of the claims on a Pfizer form,” the law firm stated in a press release.

According to the firm’s lawyers, the way Biontech has dealt with vaccination damage is unusual and considered to be “derogatory, disrespectful and defamatory.”

The firm’s founding partner Rogert said that “The injured parties do not feel that they are being taken seriously. Not only have they been plagued by significant, life-limiting health problems since the vaccination. Now the company responsible is arrogantly giving them the cold shoulder instead of fulfilling their responsibilities. After all, the clients had theirs As a rule, the story of suffering has already been submitted to the EMA and/or the Paul Ehrlich Institute and/or BioNTech, Especially in cases involving significant damage to health, the least that the victims can expect would be for them to take it seriously deal with the facts.”

The law firm explained that the law “does not burden the vaccinated person with the burden of proof that the vaccination damage is due to the vaccination, but that the vaccine manufacturer has to explain and prove that there is no connection to the vaccination.It is all the more astonishing that BioNTech is not in the few reported cases of damage immediately subject to settlement.”

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