Photo Credit and Description: German Finance Minister, Christian Lindner (left) and Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck (right).

Goodbye Michel: High Energy Costs Pushing German Companies To The US, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck Expects “Lasting Damage”

The great winner of the high energy prices in Germany is the US...MORE>>

| September 28, 2022

Current Affairs

Energy Sanctions Crisis: German Economy Losing Almost 60 Billion Euros, More Losses Expected

| 26 September 2022

According to German Federal Minister of Economy, Robert Habeck, the German

Hungary Against New EU Sanctions On Russia: “We Do Not Want The Hungarian People To Pay A Price For A War They Have Nothing To Do With”

| 26 September 2022

Hungary is against new EU sanctions on Russia, Foreign Minister Peter Szijj

High Energy Prices: German Industry Fighting For Existence

| 26 September 2022

Due to high energy prices, the German industry is facing its biggest crisis...MORE>>

Marine Le Pen: France Taking Part In Sanctions Against Russia “A Geopolitical Mistake”

| 21 September 2022

The leader of the Rassemblement National (RN) Party in France, Marine Le Pen, said...

Former Greek PM Tsipras: “From This Very Big Crisis In Ukraine…Europe Is A Big Loser Geopolitically And Economically”

| 20 September 2022

Former Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said that it is the countries...MORE>>

No Money Left At The End Of The Month: How Inflation Is Affecting German Households

| 19 September 2022

Many German households are threatened with poverty...MORE>>

EU Says Hungary No Longer “Fully Democratic”, Recommends Cutting €7.5 In Funds Over Corruption: Power Play?

| 19 September 2022

Last week, the European Parliament (EP) voted to approve...MORE>>


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Prelude To Great War? Kyiv Security Compact Recommends “Binding” Security Guarantees For Ukraine From NATO And Allied Countries

| 21 September 2022

Last week in Kyiv, former NATO Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen...MORE>>

German Federal Peace Council Committee Says Ukraine War Must End, Makes Peace Proposal

| 15 September 2022

In a position paper, the German Federal Committee on Peace says the war in Ukraine...MORE>>

Putin At The Moscow Conference on International Security: “They (The US) Need Conflict To Maintain Their Hegemony”

| 21 August 2022

In a speech at the Moscow Conference on International Security...MORE>>

Finnish PM Sanna Marin Leaked Party Video

| 19 August 2022

Watch the TCE take on the leaked party video of Finnish...MORE>>

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Energy Politics: What’s Best For Germany?

| 19 September 2022

The German government announced it was seizing control...MORE>>

Podcast Host Joe Rogan, Babylon Bee CEO Debate About Abortion

| 17 August 2022

Podcast host Joe Rogan debated with Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon...MORE>>

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