Lawless Geo-Engineering: American Climate Start-Up Releases Sulphur Dioxide Into The Atmosphere To Manipulate Climate

American startup firm Make Sunsets has released weather balloons containing sulphur dioxide particles into the atmosphere in an attempt


Current Affairs

“There Is No Place For Our Country In The West”: Head of Russian Security Council Nicolai Patrushev Talks About Russia, Ukraine and Who Really Rules The West

Nikolai Patrushev, head of Russia's Security Council, gives an edifying interview in which he explains what is happening in Ukraine, where real power lies in the West, and why the West rejects Russia. There is plenty to ponder, even though


“Arms Deliveries Are Pure Militarism”: Ex-Brigadier General Erich Vad Warns About Ukraine War Sliding Into Third World War, “Media-Synchronization” Against Negotiations

Erich Vad is a long-time military advisor to former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The ex-Brigade-General is a “convinced transatlantic” who says he’d “rather live under an American hegemony


Brexit UK Wants To Focus More International Trade Than Just Free Trade

British international trade secretary, Kemi Badenoch, has said that Brexit U.K is changing its approach


Hello Orwell: Jordan Peterson Told To Undergo Mandatory “Social-Media Communication Retraining” or Lose License…Just Because He Criticized Canadian P.M Justin Trudeau

The Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson may lose his license unless he undergoes mandatory “social-media communication retraining” by the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO)


“Create A Way To Reverse Burden Of Proof”: What’s The Reichsbürger Raid Really About?

According to the German Ministry of Interior, the Reichsbürger raid in the early morning...MORE>>


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TCE Originals

Always For Freedom: French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo Publishes Provocative Cartoons of Iranian Head of State Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published provocative caricatures of the Iranian head of state and supreme religious authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the special issue of January 4


“They Started First By Attacking The Crimean Bridge”: Tipsy Putin Explains Why Russia Is Striking Ukrainian Infrastructure

It's a rare scene. A tipsy Putin explains why strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure will continue...MORE>>


Berlin Palace Bible Quotes To Be Obscured For Not Being Cosmopolitan

The German Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, Claudia Roth...MORE>>



Victor Medvechuk: “The Ukrainian Situation Is Catastrophically Complex And Dangerous, But It Has Nothing To Do With What Zelensky Says Every Day.”

Viktor Medvedchuk is a Ukrainian lawyer, businessman and opposition politician who was released in a prisoner exchange in September 2022. In Ukraine,


Snap Elections In Denmark: Who To Vote For?

One of my big concerns in the last election has been...MORE>>


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[Book] Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche

We all have shadows—the unlit part of our ego that is hidden and never goes away, but merely—and


[Book] The Holy Longing: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning

A study on the human quest for religious participation is drawn from the author's work


[Book] The Undiscovered Self: The Dilemma of the Individual in Modern Society

One of the world’s greatest psychiatrists reveals how to embrace our own humanity and resist the p



[Documentary] Citizen K

The strange case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky...MORE>>


STARZ TV Series: The Serpent Queen

Eight-part series based on Leonie Frieda's book...MORE>>


TV Series: The Newsreader

The Newsreader provides an insight into the smoky Australian newsrooms...MORE>>


Netflix Documentary: Skandal! Bringing Wirecard Down

Upstart payment firm Wirecard wowed the financial industry...MORE>>


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