Photo: German Federal Health Minister, Dr Karl Lauterbach.

Germany: Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Knew About Side-Effects But Still Pushed For Mandatory Vaccination

A year ago, compulsory vaccination was to be decided in the Bundestag, and its most ardent supporter was the Federal Minister of Health, Dr Karl Lauterbach. Now, in a remarkable TV interview


Current Affairs

Money Power: How The EU Is Shaking Up The Orban System

The European Union has made Hungary’s access to billions in EU funds contingent upon wide-ranging reforms that threaten to put


UK Govt, Army Covertly Spied On Brits Criticizing COVID-19 Policies On Social Media Under Cover Of Fighting Misinformation

U.K governments units and the British Army’s 77th Brigade covertly spied on government critics during the COVID-19 lockdown under the guise of fighting misinformation


Who Is Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann?

The talkshows wants her. She is the Ukraine war expert. She is not afraid of Putin, or anyone. Germany must send more weapons


Former Alternative Für Deutschland (AfD) politicians Frauke Petry and her husband Marcus Pretzell announced they are suing CO-VID 19 vaccine manufacturer BioNTech


Massive “Uprising For Peace” Rally In Germany: Why People Came

“What we are experiencing right now is the beginning of a civil movement!”, shouted Alice Schwarzer on the


COVID-19 Vaccine Approval Study in Argentina: How Pfizer-BioNTech Suppressed Evidence About Vaccination Damage, Deaths

How many serious side effects, how many deaths have there really been in Pfizer’s studies to approve its BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine? Much of Pfizer's studies to approve the BioNTech vaccine took place in


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“Our Only Crime Is To Have Been Careful”: Moving Cry For Help From Young French Doctor Suspended For Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination

Dr Gregory Pamart, a 33-year old young French doctor and father, has made a moving appeal on the condition of health workers in France who have been deprived of their right to work for


Gerard Aartsen On TCE Spaceship MIND: E.T.s Are Real And They Are Here To Help

Meet Gerard Aartsen from the Netherlands who has written several books about Extra-Terrestrial contact. He says E.Ts are


Introducing TCE Spaceship MIND

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked


The Pentagon Is Reporting More and More On UFOs: Why?

Officially, the U.S government has only just begun investigating the phenomenon of Unidentified Foreign Objects (UFOs) when it set up the All- Domain Anomaly Resolution Office’ or ‘(AARO) in 2022.


Special Coverage


Bribery In The European Parliament: Did Qatar Buy Maximilian Krah?

“Qatargate” is one of the biggest scandals to ever hit the European Parliament. The Belgian federal investigation shows that Qatar was actively br


European Court of Human Rights Presses Germany On Reasons For School Closures During COVID-19

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Wants to know if the school closures during the pandemic based on the well-being of children. The German Min



[Open Letter From The Scientific Initiative Health For Austria] Corona Vaccination Requirement: “Back Then, We Didn’t Know Any Better.” – Yes, You Did!

The Scientific Initiative Health for Austria writes a damning open letter about the increasing trickle of public apologies by governments


Why The World Needs A Neutral Switzerland

Should Switzerland remain neutral about the Ukraine War? The ‘Maintaining Swiss Neutrality’ Initiative is a popular initiative by Swiss citizens to answer


The Scientific Case Against Masks

“…there are no rigorous studies showing masks to be an effective method of viral infection control. In fact the highest-quality scientific studies, randomised controlled trials (RCTs), show the op


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Václav Havel On The Temptations Of Political Power

On May 28, 1991 President Václav Havel of Czechoslovakia accepted the Sonning Prize



[Book] View from the Eye of the Storm: Terror and Reason in the Middle East

In 2004, internationally known physicist Haim Harari was invited to address


[Book] Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche

We all have shadows—the unlit part of our ego that is hidden and never goes away, but merely—and


[Book] The Holy Longing: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning

A study on the human quest for religious participation is drawn from the author's work



[TCE Finds] How Russia Weaponizes Homophobia, Explained By A Russian

Anya Turnbull, a young Russian, gives her take on how Putin's Russia


[Documentary/RTS Temps Présent]: Detransition – They Changed Sex And Regret

A documentary about a growing problem: people who changed sex and


[Documentary] Ukraine, The Masks Of The Revolution

Discover the untold story about the Ukraine war, originally broadcast on the French TV channel Canal Plus. The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked for this documentary to be taken off air.


Inner Life

The Mystery

“Do you understand the depth of this mystery? Man who is so little among the visible creatures, A shadow and a dustgrain, possesses in the centre of his being God in His entirety.” St. Symeon the New Theologian (949-1020)


Head And Heaven

"Rather than try, as the poet does, to raise his head


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