Photo Credit and Description: AfD co-leader, Tino Chrupalla, with Qatari Ambassador to Germany, Abdulla Mohammed Al Thani.

Qatar Buys The World Cup And The AfD? Chrupalla Says “World Cup Serves To Promote Understanding Between Peoples And Must Not Be Politicized” After Meeting Qatari Ambassador

The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party is in a curious position...MORE>>

| November 30, 2022

Current Affairs

Where Are The Billions Going? Head Of Ukrainian Accounts Chamber Charged With Corruption After Deciding To Audit Defence Spending

| 23 November 2022

On October 24, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) announ

Rocket Explosion In Poland: Zelensky Knew It Wasn’t Russia

| 20 November 2022

On Tuesday, a rocket fell in the village of Przewodow...MORE>>

“We Live In A State Of The Unspoken”: French Intelligence Services Confide The U.S Is The Foreign Power That “Most Threatens” The “Economic Interests” Of France

| 24 November 2022

According to a new research survey published by France’s École de Guerre Économique...MORE>>

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Quietly Expanding Efforts To Censor Alleged Misinformation, Pressure Tech Platforms

| 15 November 2022

The U.S Department of Homeland Security is quietly expanding...MORE>>

Germany Says It Doesn’t Know Whether “Unprecedented” Russia Sanctions Are Working

| 15 November 2022

The German federal government does not know whether...MORE>>

Scandal: Pfizer Admits COVID-19 Vaccine Never Tested On Preventing Transmission…EU Vaccine Contracts Redacted For This Reason?

| 11 November 2022

Pfizer has admitted that its COVID-19 vaccine was not designed...MORE>>


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“One Of the Hottest Topics At The Moment”- NATO Plans For Cognitive Warfare: Own Population Targeted?

| 22 November 2022

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New Professional Immigration Law Makes Germany “Not Attractive for Truly Qualified People”, Says AfD Boss Alice Weidel

| 1 December 2022

Germany passed a new law approving the immigration of skilled workers...MORE>>

Snap Elections In Denmark: Who To Vote For?

| 15 November 2022

One of my big concerns in the last election has been...MORE>>

Sanctions on Russia “Make Today’s New Cold War Inherently Anti-German”

| 3 November 2022

The country suffering the most “collateral damage” in this...MORE>>

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